School admins can help!

The short to-do list

Participating in the solar-system model will put your school, literally, on the map. It can inspire students to think about grand scales in ways classroom teaching can’t, by bringing enormous size and distance into domains they can grasp, intuit, and fathom. How many other schools’ students are going to have an intimate feeling of how slow light really is, when it’s compared to the speed of jogging from Lake Eola to your school?

A project like this could inspire students for a long time, but keep in mind that more than students will want to see it. If your school is in the orbital path of a planet, you’re lucky, but please select a location that is prominent and open to the public. We hope that regular citizens will try to visit every planet as kinds of scavenger hunts, so please think about where you want yours.

Helping with the planet model could be a class project, during school hours, but if it isn’t, we need you to help get permission from parents for students to help after hours.

Also, you should encourage a teacher or teachers you think fit this project to work on it in class. Touch base with teachers and see what they think.

After you have found teachers to lead the effort, you should claim the planet and location you wish to “own”. See the map of proposed sites, and see the orbital paths of the planets.